Search Frontier, Ltd.
Who We Are:
Search Frontier, Ltd. is a leading professional Internet marketing company, based in USA, and has its offices in HK and Shenzhen China. It has an international team with unique assortment of technical know-how and search engine industry expertise.

Our mission is to provide high performance Internet marketing solutions, including PPC Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, intelligence online branding services, multi-dimensional data analytics system, and etc.

We are committed to long lasting results, constantly monitoring and maintaining our customers top search engine position.

We are constantly engaged in researching our methods and advancing our search marketing techniques to ensure that we comply with the latest search engines algorithms and guidelines in the most effective manner.
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PPC Advertising
Pay Per Click is an online form of advertising,and you only pay when visitors click on your ads on the result page of the search engine. Quick Results, that is a good reason for you to create the PPC campaign.
You can have your ad appear on the search engines as quick as within 24 hours.
Let our well trained PPC experts take of your PPC accounts and you can focused on your core business
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is abbreviated for "search engine optimization."
It is the process to increase the volume and quality of traffic to a web site by ranking high in the natural search results of the major search engines.
Thus SEO increases the chances that the website will be found by the search engines and directed to the potential customers.
Web Analyics
Web analytics refers to the use of data collected about the activities of visitors and mining that data for information that can be used to improve your website.
Web analytics is the study of the behaviors of website visitors and making your website match these behaviors.
Web analytics let you make business decisions based on data, not on feelings.